What Is Newtons Wave?

Waves exist throughout our universe. There are sound waves, radio waves, microwaves, light waves, electromagnetic waves e.t.c

Isaac Newton paved the way for modern day physics from his work on light waves. He used a prism to discover these waves. Scientists now use computers to detect these invisible waves.

Traditionally, it was thought that stock market and crypto chart price patterns, (Elliot's Wave, Candle Sticks) were influenced by the increase or decrease of sales volume.

However, in 2021 scientists discovered that a rare traverse and longitudinal sine wave was responsible for dictating price movement on the stock and crypto markets, and they also discovered that frequency (not volume) was responsible for powering the wave (or price pattern).

They also discovered that the bar and candle stick price pattern was only a shadow of this wave. The discovery of this wave revealed that the Elliot Wave principle was incomplete, and inaccurate because it had been based on the price pattern (such as candle sticks) and not the actual source (Newtons Wave). Hence, Elliott's wave (price pattern) is just a shadow of the reality.

Scientists named the wave – Newtons Wave.

How Does Newtons Wave Predict Price Movement?

Each chart, based on earthquakes, wars, disease, crypto currency, stocks and shares e.t.c will have its own unique pattern.

However, behind each of these chart patterns is a wave.

Each wave has its own signature and is synchronized to its own unique individual phase.

Trying to read a price chart pattern without referring to the wave (the real source of the pattern) is like trying to tell the time on a clock that has no hands or numbers printed on the clock face.

Newtons Wave is the hands and the clock face, with all the numbers (peaks) to give you the count so you know exactly when to enter and exit the price pattern at any time.

Newtons wave allows the analyst to accurately predict the trend, direction and destination of the price before it happens.

Newtons wave precedes price movement. When the wave starts to dip the price will then dip. When the wave starts to rise the price will also start to rise.

This allows the analyst to predict the exact moment to enter and exit the price pattern and make a successful trade.

The highs and lows of the price spikes can now be predicted thanks to peaks on the wave, which can be counted.

Because the wave pattern is cyclical, the direction and trend of price movement can now be worked out beforehand with incredible accuracy.

Newtons Wave is the biggest discovery to understanding chart patterns since the 1930's.

How Can I Learn More About Newtons Wave?

If you would like to join our classes to learn more about Newtons Wave or you would like purchase a Newtons Wave Trading View indicator then please email me newtonswave@gmail.com or click here to watch a demonstration video

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Calculated on 30/07/2022