Do you believe trading is a science?

If so please read on...

My name is Jason and as a scientist I decipher code and patterns.

I started trading stocks, shares and crypto
some years ago.

My first week of trading was filled with excitement. I had a trading 212 app on my phone and made $200 trading Beyond Meat. From that moment I was hooked.

I then started trading on IBKR, and within the first few months I made $15,000 on MMEX on the OTC markets. I had ridden a parabolic rise, and it fascinated me. What caused these parabolic rises? Could they be predicted? How could I predict them?

I found the whole world of trading fascinating, and started trading part time.

That's when things went down hill. I made loss after loss. I made mistake after mistake. 6 months later I was £25,000 down.

It maddened me. It frustrated me. What was I doing wrong? How could I make money in the 1st few weeks, and then spend the next 6 months making losses?

I decided to try and educate myself. I read all the trading books I could find. I bought DVD's. Watched Youtube videos. I was now more overwhelmed than ever. I was getting nowhere.

My marriage was suffering. My other job was suffering. I was suffering.

I was so close to just giving up for good until finally I got a break.

After many months of research, I made an incredible discovery.

For years I believed that fundamentals were responsible for up and down price movement.

That was until I discovered that the candlestick price pattern was just a shadow cast by an electromagnetic sine wave.

Should that surprise you? No.

Waves exist throughout our universe. There are sound waves, radio waves, microwaves, brain waves, light waves, e.t.c

From sound, electricity and gravity, sine waves are the way in which energy and force signals move throughout the universe.

What I discovered next was even more incredible...

Isaac Newton discovered light waves using a prism.

Scientists now use computers to detect invisible waves.

Further studies revealed that not only did this electromagnetic sine wave precede price movement, but the pattern of this sine wave is what dictates the rise and fall of price movement. Not buying and selling volume as was traditionally thought.

Because of this, scientists named this sine wave 'Newtons Wave'.

So, why does the candlestick shadow cost traders money?

The Deceptive Shadow

Imagine you are walking along a road and you come across a shadow on the ground. By its shape, you can just make out it is the shadow of a tree. What details could you learn about the tree from the shadow?

Well, you might be able to guess the height and width of the tree. But that would be about all.

Now imagine, you can look up and see the tree casting the shadow.

You can now see the branches and the bark of the tree. You can see the color and shape of the leaves. Why, you can even count the leaves! You can even tell what species of tree it is.

Likewise the candlestick shadow is not the reality. It lacks 90% of the detail needed to make a trade.

What would you rather analyse before making a trade? A shadow or the real thing?

Let me illustrate it another way....

Imagine you had a 300 clocks in a room. All ticking away. But they had no clock face. How would you tell the time? It would be a very hard.

Crypto, stock and share candlestick patterns are like clocks without a clock face.

For years, traders have been trying to analye and interpret the candlesticks using a wide range of tools, such as indicators, computers, and charts.

But still, they always struggle to predict the exact time to enter or exit a trade.

Why? Because the candlesticks are just a shadow, missing all the detail and important information needed to make a successful trade.

This is the main reason why traders lose money.

It's also why people find trading so unpredictable and hard to master.

So, how can Newtons Wave help you to become a professional trader?

Newtons Wave is like a clock with a clock face
allowing you to predict the right time to enter and exit your trades

Newtons Wave
Precedes Price Movement

Newtons wave is like a clock face.

Because Newtons Wave is broken down into peaks, the peaks can be counted, like second, minute, or hour hands on a clock face.

Using Newtons Wave can help you predict the exact time to enter and exit a trade with incredible accuracy!

That is why traders who use Newtons Wave make huge gains with little or no losses.

Trading is a science made easy with Newtons Wave.

After making this incredible discovery, I decided put this theory into practice and used 'Newtons Wave to trade on various crypto coins. Shiba Inu was one of those coins. and made within 8 weeks I made $190,000.

Since then I have not looked back, and I now continue to help other traders make money using Newtons Wave.

Not only do I love the science behind chart patterns, I also love trading and that is why I want to share this incredible discovery with the world.

That is why I created the 'Newtons Wave' indicator to work with Trading View.

Newtons Wave will change the way you trade forever!

If you are serious about trading, Newtons wave will help you:

  • Reduce your losses and increase your profits.

  • Predict the right time to enter and exit a trade with incredible accuracy

  • Predict breakouts before they occur.

  • Spend less screen time searching for set ups.

  • Ditch all those annoying indicators.

  • Works with macro and micro trading.

  • Trade Long or short.

  • Works on all timeframes.

  • Works with crypto, stocks, shares and forex.

Don't trade blind. Trade with knowledge and insight.

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